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A 16 year old whose been widely recognized through his "Declaration of War on Justin Bieber Haters" and being on youtube.

Jared MiltonEdit

In July of 2011, His "Declaration of war on Justin Bieber haters" got him widespread attention, especially since RayWilliamJohnson reviewed the video. He spoke out against haters of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and himself. Also, posting cover songs of Katy Perry's and Justin Biebers songs. Later, around december, he used some friends to make a video announcing his fake death, even forging a newspaper obituary and a video with a car crash. He later returned full-blast launching "Operation 404" threatening every Justin Bieber Haters with being hacked. He later closed his account.


A lip-syncing music video of him was later seen on "JumpStarrecords" of xxDanielson742xx's pitch shifting song of his video, then later seen on "TheofficialJred". He went after athiests, Justin Bieber Haters again, and also Pokemon on this channel, increasing everyone's hate for him. This channel was later abandoned around March 2012, he told some people(like me) in a PM that "more would be to come"


He later created this channel claiming "he legally changed his name" creating yet another viral video titled "God is angry" and two others titled "Minecraft destroying American Youth" and "Kony for President". He later mentioned on his Facebook on April 2012 that he had been trolling everyone and made $5,000 off his monetization(since this channel w


He later returned yet again with a video titled "Super Cool" and a USTREAM account(everybody uploaded some of his broadcasts to YouTube". This backfired when he was massively trolled by everyone on Facebook, particularly a user named "Devil". Which then, he abandoned this persona.


His current account is "JaredmiltonTV" returning to his original Rona, despite telling everyone he used this identity to troll. His "Bring Back SOPA 2012!" "Video Games and Internet should be banned" and "Looking for a girlfriend" videos reaffirmed his existence and made himself go viral yet again, associating himself with "Jackdavisofficial" this time(also known as Joshu2uber". And all these accounts are lies